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Love & Good Smells Box

Love & Good Smells Box

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Send this to your dear friend, your sweetheart, your sister or your Mimi. Or treat yourself, you’re amazing! Guaranteed to brighten their day with love and good scents.

❤️ Love You Box includes:

Lavender Soaking Salts with Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda & Aura scented Essential Oil*

Aura Natural Room & Body Spray

2ml sample of Sultry Natural Perfume

2ml sample of Sanctuary Room & Body Spray

A card with a custom message to your loved one💌

(Valued at $37)

*Important note: Add your bath salts after the bath is full, and you’re in it. If you add them while the water is running, then the aromatherapy scents will evaporate before you get into the tub.